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We appreciate all of the questions submitted to our monthly “Ask Adam” blog series. To see the responses to March’s “Ask Adam” post, click here, or if you have a question you would like to ask Adam regarding Royal Caribbean or his life as the President & CEO of Royal Caribbean International, please follow this link to our Facebook Discussions Page and submit your questions there.

Adam, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any tips for newbie blog writers? I’d certainly appreciate it. – Wendy S.

Hi, Wendy thanks for your question. The most important thing to remember about blogging is to write what comes to mind.  If you’re not passionate about your blog topic, it will come through to your readers. Always inject your personality into your blog and keep a consistent tone in all of your communications.  Also, don’t be afraid to ask friends or colleagues for suggested blog topics.  You may find that you take certain topics for granted about your life that other people find interesting. Good luck! 

When docked next to other cruise lines we see them handing out cool wet towels to returning passengers. Will this be something Royal Caribbean will consider in the future? – Phyllis T.

Hi Phyllis, thank you for your input, we will be sure to pass this along to the correct department.

Hello, I’m from Spain and I would like to put Alicante as a frequent port. Last year we had Independence of the Seas, but it rarely stopped.  Alicante is within 50 kms of many of the cities with the highest number of tourists from all over Europe such as: Alicante, Benidorm, Torrevieja, Elche.  Please bear this in mind and call at Alicante! Thanks. – Andres

Thank you for the feedback Andrew. We will consider this for our future planning.

Dear Adam, we just returned from a cruise aboard the Independence of the Seas. On that cruise, as I have done on many cruises in the past, I went searching for the coconut ranger cookies, my favorite Royal Caribbean cookie. I have not been able to find them on every Royal Caribbean ship. This time I asked one of the attendants in the Windjammer to see if he could find some for me. He said he would check with the pastry chef. At dinner time, I asked our waiter in the Main Dining Room who said the same thing. I also checked the shop on the Royal Promenade, and no coconut ranger cookies. The next day the attendant in the Windjammer found me and brought me a plate with 16 coconut Macaroons. Not the same thing, but I thanked him for trying. And at dinner, our waiter brought me another plate of macaroons. No coconut rangers. The final day of the cruise my husband went on a galley tour, and had the opportunity to ask the chef who conducted the tour about my favorite cookies. He told my husband that they don’t make them anymore, not on any Royal Caribbean ship in the fleet. Please, Adam, tell me why. What do I have to do to get those cookies back? I will start a petition if I have to. – Sarah W.

Hi Sarah, the coconut ranger cookie has been a guest favorite for years, which is why we continue to serve it. Product sourcing can sometimes be a challenge, which was the case with your specific comment. Rest assure that we now have the coconut ranger cookies onboard all of our ships.

Hey Adam! I was just wondering will an Oasis-class ship ever call in Singapore? The new Marina Bay Cruise Centre just opened and it can comfortably fit these ships. Do you have any plan of bringing the ship here or is it just a matter of time? – Ethan W.

At this time we have no immediate plans to bring an Oasis-class ship to Singapore.  However, we never rule out any options as you can see from our recent announcement to have Oasis of the Seas offer a short season in Europe in September of 2014.

Can you tell us more about the dry dock plans for Oasis of the Seas? Is this mainly paint and carpet and the ship equivalent of a lube, oil, and filter, or will there be major construction changes? – Kurt U.

Dry dock plans for Oasis of the Seas will focus on a general refresh which our ships get every five years. At this time we have no plans to add or change any existing venues. 

Do robes and slippers come in all rooms? – Anonymous

We offer robes in suite staterooms (Junior Suite and above).  Platinum level and higher Crown & Anchor Society members receive robes for use onboard as well.  We do not offer slippers anymore for anyone.

Hi Adam, I was wondering why doesn’t Royal Caribbean acknowledge people who book multiple cruises by providing an onboard credit, unless they book onboard? I feel a little let down to find being loyal to Royal in a big way can mean nothing to the company in any way that is tangible to the customer.  We have booked three cruises as part of a single trip – a total of 39 days for later this year (on top of 14 days on Voyager of the Seas in January/February and 12 days last year on Radiance of the Seas). Yet because we didn’t book onboard we get no credit or multiple booking special offers, etc. in way of a thank you, nothing. Yet someone booking a 7 day cruise onboard gets $100 onboard credit? It doesn’t seem fair. Plus, because I book with an Australian travel agent we get no deals whatsoever. They don’t seem to be able to offer the great onboard credit deals and lower prices those in the USA seem to be able to benefit from. 

I feel Royal Caribbean would be showing it truly appreciates loyal customers if it offered some sort of bonus for booking cruises in one year that exceed a certain total amount of days. Would Royal Caribbean consider doing something like this? – Disappointed Down Under

Thank you for booking back to back to back cruises.  Hopefully the main reason for booking them is because you will have a great vacation on every segment.  Having said that, as a Crown & Anchor Society member, you have access to some of our richest offers, such as our Balcony and Suite discounts which are available on virtually all our sailings. By booking several cruises in a row, you can use these discounts on each one of those bookings, which increases your overall savings. Depending on your Crown & Anchor Society tier, these discounts increase, plus we offer larger discounts for booking more than six months from sailing. While you’re onboard, you can book at our Crown & Anchor Society desk, and add the Onboard Booking Bonus to your Balcony and Suite discount for an even larger savings.

When will Royal Caribbean start sailing to some new ports in the Caribbean? We are tired of the same old St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Jamaica (got it, you built a port here and have a financial interest), Cozumel and especially Nassau. How about more sailings to St. Lucia, St. Croix, Turks & Cacaos, Antigua, Nevis, Bonaire, and Grenada? Even some to Costa Maya, Curacao, etc. Or, at least shift some of the newer ships (i.e. Allure, Freedom, and Adventure of the Seas) to a different route every year. I know the ships still sell high volume, but it would be nice to have an option other than the normal. – Brian F.

Hi Brian, I appreciate your feedback on this.  We actually do call on almost 40 different ports within the Caribbean including most of the ports that you specifically referenced.  There are physical, distances or various other constraints with most ports which influence which ships can call on as well as the type of itinerary which can be offered.  Our Deployment team continuously reviews our itineraries to maximize the appeal of each itinerary as well as the entire portfolio. We pay extremely careful attention to guest feedback on the ports of call.  If there are opportunities in the future to increase the appeal through more visits to certain destinations or with new destinations then that will be considered.

In addition to specific destinations, we have also increased the number of cruises offered for the Caribbean as well as the Panama Canal and we have a record offering for this coming year. A few examples include the return of Southern Caribbean cruises from San Juan this summer with Jewel of the Seas and the just announced summer cruises out of Galveston, Texas with Navigator of the Seas for 2014.  We are not done yet and have an additional announcement planned in the coming months.

My family and I have recently booked a cruise on Oasis of the Seas for September 2013. When trying to decide which cruise line to cruise with, our major concern was knowing what Royal Caribbean had to offer for children under the age of two. Royal Caribbean certainly beat out several other cruise lines but I will say that trying to find information on your infant program is quite difficult. Will you ever put together a better outline of your infant/toddler program and policies? It’s been very difficult to locate information on car seats (recommended to bring or not to bring) strollers, pool policies, where infants/toddlers aren’t allowed on the ship, if you have to reserve a seat on an airport transfer, etc.  Also, will you ever be able to reserve nursery and/or babysitting services before you board just like all the other services like excursions, specialty restaurants and spa treatments? – Michelle P.

At this point in time there are no plans to offer pre-booking for the nursery or Sitters at Sea, we do offer information here to give you an overview of what to expect for your child.  We also offer information in our FAQs on our different infant policies.  In the future we can definitely look at creating a section within the FAQs for all things infant/toddler related to make it easier for you to find all information. 

I love cruising and have enjoyed two Transatlantic cruises on Royal Caribbean in the last two years. I would cruise more, except my business requires me to be “wired” with internet to respond to my clients. As long as I can do so, I can be virtually anywhere. I know that others are in the same situation. I know that you have experimented with an unlimited, faster internet service on at least one of your ships. How did that go and are there plans to expand this service?  How can someone find which ships would offer it so that they can plan their cruises around this? Thanks. – Brent L.

 Hi Brent, thanks for your question. Through our revitalization program all ships received or will be receiving Wi-Fi accessible from most spaces onboard.  In addition, all of our ships have now received a substantial upgrade in bandwidth to support better and faster online connections.

Also, across the fleet we offer per minute packages that allow you to be connected in most areas of the ships with Wi-Fi.  However, there are still some ships with hot spots where internet access is limited. We are currently in the process of testing new software and price programs across the fleet to improve this service.

Thanks again to everyone for submitting questions, and remember if you have a question you would like to ask, please click here. If you have a customer service related issue, the quickest way to obtain a response is to complete our contact form here:

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