Ask Adam Blog Series – July 2012 Q & A

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With a heat wave taking over that must mean that summer is in full swing and so is the July edition of our Ask Adam Blog. To see responses from June please click here, or if you have a question you would like to ask Adam regarding Royal Caribbean or what he’s been up to, please follow this link to our Facebook Discussions page and submit your questions there.

Dear Adam, can you give us an update on the progress Royal Caribbean has made on implementing its “Alcohol Drink Program”? I heard Royal Caribbean was looking into it, but haven’t heard anything new. – Tom K.

Tom, liquor packages are available on select ships in Europe. At this time, Royal Caribbean has no plans to offer the packages onboard North American itineraries.

Hi Adam, first a big thank you to all the staff on Independence of the Seas, especially Cruise Director Luke Aerosmith, for a wonderful and entertaining cruise.

My question is this: Is it at all possible that Royal Caribbean could add the direction of the beds in staterooms to the deck plans (for example, F = forward facing, A = aft facing). I get sick on any form of transport when traveling backwards and I know a lot of other people do, too. Having this information added to deck plans would be a real help in choosing a stateroom. I feel the data could easily be collected by stateroom attendants. Thank you in advance. – Chrissy M.

Thanks for your comment, Chrissy. We value your feedback and will alert the marketing department. Please note we have not encountered this feedback before and could not justify making the change at this time. However, we will be attuned to further feedback along these lines.

I have been on 3 cruises and I loved all of them, but they’ve all been on Carnival. Someday I would love to take our kids on a cruise. I enjoyed Carnival a lot, but would like to try another cruise line. I have heard great things about Royal Caribbean. What makes Royal Caribbean better than Carnival, in your opinion? This will be a once in a lifetime trip if and when we ever do it, I need to make sure we make the right choice! – Lisa B.

Lisa, I recently responded to a similar question. While I don’t want to speak to other cruise lines, I can tell you that I firmly believe we offer the best family cruise vacation at an unparalleled value. We are a brand known for innovation and that is reflected in how we build our ships. We offer a variety of activities that can only be found onboard Royal Caribbean, including surfing on the only FlowRider at sea, rock wall climbing, ice skating, our award-winning Adventure Ocean youth program and so much more (please note that all of the features I just mentioned are completely complimentary, as are most family activities onboard). While each ship class has its own activities and onboard innovations, please know that we are in the process of adding our most popular features from the new Oasis-class ships to the rest of the fleet. No matter which ship you choose, you and your family will find that “once in a lifetime” vacation you’re looking for.

Hello! I recently returned from a wonderful cruise from Baltimore to Bermuda (thank you for a lovely time!). I was very disappointed to learn that I am not able to order more copies of my cruise photos. The Image Group says on their website, “Until further notice, IMAGE can no longer accept or process post-cruise orders for Photos or DVDs from Royal Caribbean…” Can you advise why we can’t order more copies of our photos?

If there is a long term reason why the Image Group is not processing Royal Caribbean post cruise photos (please note that this does not include all cruise lines they take photos for), please consider another vendor if an agreement can’t be made. It is disappointing to try to order reprints and be turned away. Thank you kindly! – Felicia M.

We regret that sales of products after your cruise cannot be fulfilled. In regards to future plans, we are happy to let you know that we are in the process of building functionality into our pre-cruise sales website that will allow guests to purchase photo products both before and after their cruise. We estimate this will be ready in December 2012.

The digital photo product “Get the Picture!” is also offered for sale on 14 of our ships fleet wide. If a guest purchases this CD onboard, they have the ability to purchase additional digital photos after their cruise, as all of their photos are contained on the CD they take home.

With regard to reprints of any photographs that you purchased onboard, guests can obtain a copyright release form from the image website and then use a land based photo lab to digitally scan and print the photographs. We understand how important your memories are to you, so we welcome you to reach out to Customer Service teams in Miami at 1-800-772-3470 or

Would it be too much to provide cubby spaces on the pool deck for people to put their towels, lotions and other personal things? The way it is now, if we get a chair and we want to swim, and we aren’t paying attention to time (it happens!), the pool deck folks just put our stuff on rails. Some of our stuff is personal, like our SeaSail Pass cards, drinks and drink cups we buy from Royal Caribbean for sodas. Some of these items, people can steal. Unless you are sitting in a chair all day, there aren’t any alternatives. – Lisa L.

In response to many of our guests telling us that too many guests were saving pool chairs for extended periods of time, we implemented a ‘no reserving of pool chairs policy’. As part of this policy, we ask our staff to remove any belongings from a pool chair that remains unoccupied for 30 minutes or longer. Unfortunately it is not feasible to create cubby spaces on each of our pool decks for all guests. While we encourage guests not to bring valuables with them to the pool, we do understand that, from time to time, it is possible to lose track of time. In the event that personal belongings do have to be moved by our staff, they are taken to an area close to the Pool Towel Distribution Station where belongings are in sight of our staff on duty. Should these belongings not be claimed by the end of day, they are relocated to our Guest Services Desk where they are securely stored until guests have the chance to reclaim them.

We loved the Strawberry Bisque “cold soup” served as an appetizer on Vision of the Seas. Could you give us the recipe, please? We purchased the Royal Caribbean cookbook, but that recipe wasn’t in it. Thanks. – Pam R.

Enjoy, Pam!

Cold Strawberry Soup – Serving Size: 10

– 3 Liter Vanilla Ice Cream Base

– 1 lb. Strawberry Compote (from frozen)

– 3 Tbsp. Fresh Mint, chopped

Mix all ingredients together in a blender until smooth. Keep refrigerated. Serve in chilled soup cups and garnish with fresh mint.

Hi Adam, how do you keep your staff members so upbeat, helpful, happy, and generally wonderful? I have been on everything from 14 to 30 day back-to-backs with Royal Caribbean and am consistently amazed at the quality of service. Even on their free in-port days, crew members will be friendly and go beyond the call of duty. Whatever it is you do with your team, keep doing it! – Dana P.

Thank you, Dana. We firmly believe that great vacations begin with great employees and recognize that our crew is an essential part of the Royal Advantage. Understanding that working onboard can be challenging at times, we strive to provide our team members with a safe and positive work environment and take pride in helping them grow within our company. We hire individuals who have a passion for service, and with the assistance of the shipboard Human Resource teams and operational leaders, we provide them with strong training programs, fun-filled activities, recognition, and career development opportunities. We are glad our crew has delivered the WOW to you in the past and look forward to welcoming you back onboard soon!

Adam, my husband and I have sailed with Royal Caribbean many, many times. We love the new points system because it is points for days sailed. The problem is, it took us a long time to get to the Diamond Plus level. Now the difference between Diamond Plus and the top level are way too large (175 to 700), large enough that we’ve decided to branch out and start trying other cruises, including Celebrity. Maybe a level between the two would encourage people to stay?

Also, Royal Caribbean should develop a loyalty casino card like many of the casinos have. The card could be used on any ship with points adding up for use towards reward levels, upgrades, special dining meals, etc.

See you for the Fall Color tour cruise in October. Thanks to all the staff at Royal Caribbean – they are awesome! –Judi D.

Hi Judi, our goal with the Pinnacle tier is to recognize a level of loyalty that is simply extraordinary. We are not intending to create the same links or incentives to get from Diamond Plus to Pinnacle as we are hoping to do between the other levels. We hope you will continue to cruise with us based on the great cruise experience we deliver as well as the Diamond Plus benefits you have earned.

Regarding casino loyalty, thank you for your suggestion. We’re always looking for ways to improve our guest’s experience and feedback like this helps guide our efforts in the right direction.

Thanks to everyone for submitting questions, and remember if you have a question you would like to ask, please click here. If you have a customer service related issue, the quickest way to obtain a response is to fill out our contact form here:

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