Ask Adam Blog Series – September 2011 Answers

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Fall is in full swing and so is the September edition of the “Ask Adam Blog Series.” To see the answers to August’s questions please click here, or if you have a question you would like to ask Adam regarding Royal Caribbean news, what he’s have been up to or just curious about anything Royal related, please follow this link to our Facebook discussion page.

Do you plan on having a ship stay year round in Tampa? Other cruise companies do. Thank you.
– Karol W-W.

Not at this time but we are pleased with the seasonal deployment of Jewel of the Seas which starts November 12, 2011.

My family loves HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON and the SHREK movies. Do you have plans to expand the DreamWorks Experience to the Voyager class ships?
– Andrew G

The DreamWorks Experience has been hugely popular and continues to receive rave reviews.  As a result we are continually exploring options to roll the programming out to even more ships.  Continue to stay tuned.

Hello Adam…I too, have a few questions about the wine package on the Oasis. I would like to know if you purchase a package, can you at anytime, anywhere during your cruise have one of your bottles to drink, let’s say, pool side, in a lounge, in my room (upon arrival in my room and also upon arrival in another room for a couple we are traveling with). If so, how do we go about that? Do we get a certain card to show that we have this package? I enjoy wine other than at dinner time…thank you!
– Jayne A.

The Wine and Dine package is set up primarily as a way to add a level of convenience to your dining period. Depending on which level of wine package you choose, Gold, Platinum or Diamond, there are up to 21 varieties of wines to choose from.  These wines are available during any meal period in any restaurant (dining room, specialty restaurants or the Windjammer).  However their availability is generally limited to those restaurants and dining venues that have an adequate wine cellar to store them and have them readily available for guests. We can accommodate a special request once onboard the ship, and you are always free to take a bottle with you from any dining venue to enjoy later or in a different location.  Generally a sticker is placed on your sea-pass card indicating what package you purchased, but often it is tracked internally by the servers in the dining room / restaurants and reconciled each evening. As an aside, all bars onboard offer a variety of wine by the glass, (about 16 varieties depending on which bar you choose, with ranges from a simple Italian Pinot Grigio, to Caymus Cabernet).

I was wondering why Royal Caribbean removed the cruises sailing through the Panama Canal? And will the older ships receive the interactive TVs and other technological advances found on the bigger ships?
– Nancy S.

We continue to review programs for the Panama Canal and will offer cruises from time to time on a limited basis. Earlier this year Radiance of the Seas had a Canal crossing.  However, while the Canal is popular it is also limited due to the exceptionally high costs and size constraints.  Regarding the interactive TVs and other technological advances, please stay tuned to our Facebook page or visit our website for updates on all of our ship enhancements and renovations.

You get 1 point per night on a cruise. To get to our next status, we are gold now, how many points do you need to get there? Do you get extra points for booking more than 1 room? Thank you.
– Gary Y.

To reach Platinum status, you need 30 cruise points.  You receive one cruise point per night, and double cruise points if you sail in a suite.  All information on cruise points and tiers in the Crown & Anchor®Society can be found at

Hi Adam, we are planning our first cruise in the Oasis class for March 2012. Both Oasis and Allure look exciting and fun. Since both ships are just spectacular, which do you recommend the most for a family of 6 with 4 adults and 2 kids? Thanks.
– Gustavo R.

Both ships are fabulous.  They are nearly identical but Allure has a few features that are unique to her or were changed from Oasis (e.g., Rita’s Cantina vs. Seafood Shack, Chicago the Musical vs. Hairspray, Starbucks).  If those differences are not important to you, I would go with the day of departure you prefer (Saturday vs. Sunday) or with the itinerary you prefer on a given week (eastern vs. western Caribbean).

Has Royal Caribbean ever considered on building and operating a hotel near Port Everglades to welcome cruisers and as a place to stay pre and post cruise? I feel that to have the “Wow” start while you’re still on land or after you back would be great plus.
– Christopher B.

Interesting suggestion but no we have not considered a land-based hotel.  We’re very focused on guest satisfaction aboard our 22 ships and in the ports of call.

Do you ever run the Walt Disney World Marathon in January? Live in the area and usually go support the runners, just was wondering if you have ever ran by me!
– Christopher B.

I have not run any half marathons yet but probably will try at some point when I’m confident I will run under an hour and a half.  I race shorter distances with a focus on 1500 meters on the track.

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