Guest Blog: Oasis of the Seas Naming Ceremony

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We are within one month of the delivery of Oasis of the Seas. Very, very exciting. As we proceed through the phases of the process that will end with the December 1st four night cruise and the December 5th seven night maiden voyage, I will partner with our SVP Hotel Operations Lisa Bauer to give you an appreciation for many aspects of the preparations. Of course, you can always check out Richard Fain’s blog for even more on Oasis. Today, Lisa discusses the one-night naming and charity cruise on November 30th:

Lisa Bauer

Lisa Bauer

One of the greatest and best known nautical traditions is the official Naming Ceremony of a new ship, along with the champagne bottle breaking by the Godmother to officially christen the ship. Oasis will follow this time honored tradition and will have her official ceremony on Monday, November 30th. Many of our valued customers have asked us how they could attend, and you could actually say that attending the festivities on this day would be a priceless experience, because you can’t just buy a ticket or get invited. However, there is one way to be able to be part of history that day…..

What may not be so well known is that our one-night naming cruise is also a fundraiser, for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Make-A-Wish will retain 100% of its ticket sales as well as the onboard spending that evening as well, such as casino. In addition to being a fundraiser, the ship also will be used as a venue to grant wishes to children the same day. Travel is actually the number one wish for the many children the foundation fulfills wishes for each year.

There are several packages available starting at just $1,500 for two as well as several other packages at various price points leading up to the Royal Executive package for $75,000 that includes seventy guests and VIP arrangements. For those guests that may want to combine the one-night naming cruise with the first four-night sailing on December 1st-5th to Labadee, there is also special pricing available to extend the stay for four-nights. This is exclusively for those that purchased a package to the naming cruise.

Anyone wanting more information can contact Cynthia Paez at, or call 1-877-202-1520. We hope to see you onboard for this significant charitable event!

Adam’s note: Our Kids, the charity for foster care and related services in Miami that I chaired until a few weeks ago (I’m a regular Board member now), is a secondary beneficiary of the naming cruise with a smaller allotment of staterooms for sale. Also, November 29th is a one-night charity cruise with all sales for the benefit of United Way.

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