The Week Starts with a 5k, a Visit to DC and a Look at the Approaching Delivery of Allure of the Seas

by 448

It’s a beautiful Sunday in Miami and I’m very happy to have run a 5k PR this morning in 19.17 (6.13 per mile). The course was long on my fancy GPS watch at 3.15 miles so the elusive sub-19 5k is coming closer. By the way, in a totally unforeseeable happening, last Saturday near Orlando I actually won a 10k race. Not just my age group but the entire race. I had a lot of ambitions in running but being the one running behind the guy on the bicycle was beyond my aspirations. Of course there weren’t the kind of runners I raced against this morning. But it was a memorable experience nevertheless. Speaking of good runners this morning, a 51 year old ran 17.47, a fellow 50 year old ran 18.12 and my hero, a 56 year old with an artificial hip who beats me all the time, ran 18.51. So I’m looking for sustained improvement. Older and faster.

It’s time to hang out in Washington DC again. I have several full days of Capitol Hill visits and Executive Branch interactions this week (unless it snows 10 feet again). Plus my Energy Security Leadership Council is meeting to discuss next steps in our effort to prod the government to improve the country’s energy security through various approaches. And I get to see my little sister who just moved from Japan to Bethesda.

Many of you have commented on the question Craig asked about Oasis’ Nassau call – whether to keep it on Friday as the last call or change it to Sunday as the first call. There are strong opinions on both sides but the majority favor changing to Sunday with appropriate lead time for implementation. We’re still deciding.

Due to what one of my law professors called the “relentless march of the calendar”, we suddenly have only eight months and change until the delivery of Allure of the Seas. We are often asked about whether there will be anything different from Oasis of the Seas on our new 225,000 ton baby. We have said no but we may have been a little hasty. We wouldn’t be Royal Caribbean International without doing a few things differently. I’m sure you’re not at all interested so we won’t keep you posted on this.

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