Cruises That Make the Perfect Present

From families to adventurers, to lovers of food and culture, a cruise has something for everyone on your list.
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Royal Caribbean cruises visit as many as 240 destinations, including romantic spots like private island Perfect Day at CocoCay in The Bahamas.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Depending on who you ask, the ideal vacation may be relaxing by the water with a refreshing drink or soaring down a thrilling waterslide. It could be taking in historical landmarks or exploring nature and spotting the wildlife that calls it home. Whatever a great vacation looks like to you and your loved ones, with something for everyone a cruise will fit the bill.

That’s why a cruise makes the perfect gift this holiday season.

A Royal Caribbean cruise has a range of experiences that you, your family and friends can enjoy while sailing to the Caribbean, Europe, Asia-Pacific and beyond (over 240 destinations, in fact!). From the deepest pool to the tallest slide at sea, restaurants that serve up a world of flavors and activities and spaces designed just for kids, there are things to see and do onboard for adventure seekers, lovers of food and drink, families with kids, and more.

‘Tis the season, so for holiday inspiration, we’ve highlighted the top cruises that would make amazing gifts for all types of travelers:

Waterslides, a zip line, a swim-up bar, private overwater cabanas and more: Perfect Day at CocoCay in The Bahamas has something for everyone in the family.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Great for Families – Perfect Day at CocoCay

Perfect Day at CocoCay in The Bahamas is Royal Caribbean’s private island destination. It is also the ultimate vacation spot for families, with everything you could ever want or need to create your perfect vacation day, whether you’re looking for thrills, ways to chill or a combination of both. If it’s all about adrenaline for you, there’s Thrill Waterpark, which boasts 13 waterslides, including the tallest one in North America. There’s also Up, Up & Away, a helium balloon adventure that can go as high as 450 feet, and a 1,600-foot-long zip line.

If you’d rather recharge, head to Chill Island for white-sand beaches and Oasis Lagoon, the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean. Thanks to complimentary beach loungers and umbrellas throughout the island, you can kick back just about anywhere. There’s also the exclusive Coco Beach Club, home to the very first overwater cabanas in The Bahamas. Plus, on cruises to The Bahamas and the Caribbean, you’ll also get to visit destinations like Nassau, The Bahamas, or King’s Wharf, Bermuda.

Dive into crystal-clear waters and enjoy family time by sailing to Perfect Day at CocoCay from major cities like Miami, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


From Baja-style fish dishes to braised meats and vegetables, Mexican food is known for its deliciousness as much as its diversity.

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Great for Food Lovers – Mexico 

From meaty tacos to fresh seafood, the cuisine in Mexico is famous for its fullness of flavor and use of fresh fruits and vegetables like corn, avocado, beans and chilies. If you or someone you know loves good food, head south of the border to the Mexican Riviera or the Yucatan region.

You’ll cruise to places like Ensenada, Mexico, which is the country’s seafood capital as well as the gateway to Baja California’s wine country. Ensenada is the birthplace of fish tacos and is even home to “taco crawls” on which you can sample a variety of fried fish tacos served with mayo-based sauces and slaw. Over on the Yucatan Peninsula, you’ll find a unique blend of Maya, Spanish and French flavors. A signature dish in Cozumel is cochinita pibil: Pulled pork marinated in orange juice and wrapped in banana leaves before being slow-roasted and served on tacos and tortas. Other spots you can visit on a Mexican cruise include destinations like Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Savor the cuisine and culture Mexico has to offer on a cruise from Los Angeles; Galveston, Texas; and other cities.


See stunning natural wonders, such as the Hubbard Glacier, from the comfort of your cruise ship.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Great for Nature Enthusiasts – Alaska

The 49th U.S. state is one of the wildest places on the planet, and a cruise is a memorable and convenient way to explore it. The sweeping state, known as the Last Frontier, has once-in-a-lifetime natural sights to behold. Some of these can only really be accessed by sea, like Endicott Arm, Dawes Glacier and Hubbard Glacier, while others are best walked to, like Mendenhall Glacier. As for wildlife, you’re in for a treat: From humpback whales to black bears, eagles and more,  Alaska’s rugged wilderness calls an incredible amount of animals home. A guided adventure in Denali National Park is a great way to see many of them.

Whether you’re whale watching, dog sledding or walking on glaciers near the Arctic Circle, there’s a myriad of ways to enjoy nature on a cruise to Alaska.

Venture into the wild on a cruise to Alaska from places like Vancouver, Canada; Seward, Alaska; and Seattle, Washington.


Australia is known for its amazing natural sites, like the Great Barrier Reef.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Great for Thrill Seekers – Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are packed with all kinds of adventures and natural beauty. Right away, you’ll see that both destinations have thriving flora and fauna, like Australia’s kangaroos and koala bears, as well as the rare kiwi bird and the glow worms found in New Zealand’s Waitomo Caves. With cruises that visit Melbourne, Australia; Port Arthur, Tasmania; Dunedin and Picton, New Zealand; and more, you’ll be transported to sunny beaches and mountainsides alike.

In fact, the “Lord of the Rings” movies filmed in more than 150 locations in New Zealand, notably Tauranga, where the preserved set of The Shire has become a top destination for fans of the films. And for an adrenaline-pumping experience, there’s New Zealand’s Adventure Park, which touts the highest zip line in the country at 500 feet above sea level.

In Australia, visit the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef system and a bucket list destination for snorkelers and divers with more than 1,500 species of fish. And there’s more than just thrills: Australia’s wide-open landscapes, beautiful beaches and many spas and resorts are perfect for a health and wellness retreat too.

Find adventure and relaxation on a South Pacific cruise to Australia and New Zealand, sailing from Sydney and Brisbane, Australia.


Find thousands of years of history and beauty in the Mediterranean, like in Santorini, Greece.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Great for Fans of History – Mediterranean

At its height, the Roman Empire stretched as far as the British Isles and Egypt. Ancient walls, aqueducts and temples from this time still stand across these regions today. These historical landmarks and the fact that the Mediterranean was once a center of Western civilization make it an incredibly attractive destination for history buffs. From the Acropolis in Athens—the birthplace of democracy—to the Colosseum in Rome, a cruise to the Mediterranean can take you back in time.

You can sail to destinations like Santorini, Greece, a volcanic island that was shaped by an eruption in 16th century B.C., and Italy’s Amalfi Coast, where you can see Mount Vesuvius, the volcano behind Pompeii’s downfall so long ago. Along the Dalmatian Coast, you’ll be able to visit Dubrovnik, Croatia, which is home to Fort Lovrijenac, a medieval castle built to resist Venetian rule and a backdrop to many scenes in the “Game of Thrones” television series.

Immerse yourself in the storied history of the Mediterranean on a Royal Caribbean cruise, departing from cities like Barcelona, Spain; Venice, Italy; and Athens, Greece.


Whichever kind of vacation you and your loved ones are looking for, a cruise makes the perfect gift for everyone. Find yours here.