The Best Tips on Destinations, Food and More

From her favorite spot to watch the sunset at sea to the food she would eat again and again, Shore Excursions Manager Isabella Weidlich shares her top recommendations.
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Royal Caribbean cruises visit world-famous historic sites around the globe, like Petra in Jordan’s desert.


Imagine exploring the world, seeing UNESCO World Heritage Sites, trying out new adventures and only unpacking once. A Royal Caribbean cruise offers all that and more. By sailing from one incredible destination to the next, you’ll be able to easily take in the globe’s natural beauty, and it’ll feel like your home away from home, thanks in large part to the wonderful teams on board.

At the heart of every cruise are great crew members from more than 70 countries. And while traveling the world, they’re also creating their own unforgettable moments. We’ve spoken to Royal Caribbean crew members to hear their top tips and recommendations on everything from the best views to must-try foods.

Meet Shore Excursions Manager Isabella Weidlich. She is one of the lucky crew members who get to call Serenade of the Seas home during the Ultimate World Cruise, which just happens to be the world’s longest cruise at 274 nights. It’s her biggest adventure yet, and she’ll add many of the 65 countries the cruise will visit across seven continents.

Get to know Isabella, including where she’s most excited to go, the dish you’ve got to try on board and her expert tips in this Q&A. There’s plenty to inspire your next vacation! 

Isabella has traveled the world with Royal Caribbean for more than 10 years.

Credit: Isabella Weidlich

Q: Let’s get started with your travel experience. For how long have you explored the world with Royal Caribbean? 
Isabella: Since 2013.


Q: Can you explain your role in one sentence? 
Isabella: As a shore excursions manager, I’m a destination expert that helps you find those special adventures on land that are new and exciting ways to make memories.


Q: What’s your favorite part about what you do? 
Isabella: I enjoy being able to travel the world and connect with different people and places I never imagined visiting. It’s also nice be able to visit so many places and only unpack once!


Q: The Ultimate World Cruise is your biggest adventure yet. How much time will you be on board? 
Isabella: I’ll be on Serenade of the Seas on the third and fourth segments of the cruise, where I’ll get to visit places in the Middle East and Europe like Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza and Rome’s Colosseum.


Q: What destination are you most excited to visit? 
Isabella: I can’t wait to experience the magic of the Middle East.


As a shore excursions manager, Isabella has tips and tricks when it comes to finding the most beautiful places to visit on land.

Credit: Isabella Weidlich

Q: What’s the one thing you could eat again and again on board? 
Isabella: Carrot cake is one of my favorites!

Pro tip: Look out for your slice of carrot cake on board in the main dining room and the Windjammer.


Q: What’s your favorite activity on board
Isabella: The flag parade.

Fun fact: The flag parade is a celebration of crew members. They proudly display the flags of their home countries and parade them down the Royal Promenade to music and fanfare. 


Royal Caribbean destinations—like Italy’s Amalfi Coast—are some of the most beautiful places in the world.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Q: Do you have a favorite show on board?
Isabella: The AquaTheater shows on Oasis Class ships.


Q: Where would you say is the best view on a Royal Caribbean ship?  
Isabella: On any ship, the views from the jogging track stand out. You can gaze over the ocean, listen to the ship’s engine, let your thoughts go free and totally unwind.


Q: What item do you always make sure you pack for a cruise? 
Isabella: My Nintendo Switch.

Pro tip: Bring out your competitive side by hitting the arcade, having an epic laser tag battle or visiting the SeaPlex for activities like basketball and bumper cars.


Isabella exploring the vibrant streets of Puerto Rico.

Credit: Isabella Weidlich

Q: What’s one reason Royal Caribbean is a great way to vacation? 
Isabella: An entire family of all generations can come on a cruise and everyone will find something exciting to do. During the day, everyone can spread out and do their own thing, and they can come together to eat and share their favorite adventures.

Pro tip: Use the mobile app (for iOS or Android) to book entertainment shows, dinner and other activities on the Cruise Compass schedule.


Q: Let’s wrap up with a round of Royal Caribbean “this or that” questions. Chill or thrill
Isabella: Thrill.


Q: Chocolate chip or ranger cookie?  
Isabella: Chocolate chip.


From hiking through the jungle to snorkeling with sea turtles, shore excursions let you experience the best of every destination.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Q: Coco Loco or The Lime & Coconut cocktail?
Isabella: Coco Loco.


Q: Perfect Day at CocoCay in The Bahamas or Labadee in Haiti? 
Isabella: Labadee.


Q: Mini golf or rock climbing? 
Isabella: Rock climbing.


Go on a vacation you’ll talk about for years to come and meet the crew members who bring it to life. There are a variety of cruises to choose from, from a weeklong trip to the Mediterranean on Oasis of the Seas to a weekend getaway to the Caribbean on Utopia of the Seas and everything in between.

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