Top Things to See, Eat and Do

Jennifer Stork reveals everything from her favorite dish to the place she’s most excited to visit on the Ultimate World Cruise.
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Jennifer is sailing on Royal Caribbean's Ultimate World Cruise, which will visit 150 places in 274 nights, including Antarctica.

Credit: Frank Günther

In addition to incredible experiences and destinations around the world, it’s the crew members that are at the heart of every Royal Caribbean cruise. What does it take to make it all happen? What are their favorite memories? What are their top tips and recommendations? What do they love about being at sea? You can hear from several of them who sat down to share their perspectives and more.

Meet Jennifer Stork, one of the crew members sailing on Serenade of the Seas for the Ultimate World Cruise. She was voted “Most Likely to See the World” in high school and has been eagerly fulfilling that title in her 20-plus years with Royal Caribbean. As a financial controller (meaning she handles payroll, revenue and expenditure reporting and budgets) she told us what she’s most excited to see when she visits many of the 150 destinations and 11 World Wonders—from Mexico’s Chichen Itza to Rome’s Colosseum—in 65 countries on the Ultimate World Cruise.

Plus, she gave her expert tips for fellow travelers and talked about her favorite experiences, which may inspire you and your next vacation.

Get to know Jennifer, where she’s excited to go, the dish you’ve got to try and more in this Q&A:

Jennifer has been working with Royal Caribbean since 2003—over 20 years!

Credit: Jennifer Stork

Q: Let’s get started with your travel experience. How long have you been traveling the world with Royal Caribbean?
Jennifer: 20 years! Almost 20.5 by the time the Ultimate World Cruise starts.


Q: Can you explain your role in one sentence?
Jennifer: I’m the Financial Controller—or “Cash Queen” if you prefer—keeper of all hotel financial data and balancing.


Q: What’s your favorite part about what you do?
Jennifer: What’s not to love about counting money? I just wish it were actually mine. Seriously though, my favorite part is helping my team and colleagues to learn and grow.


Q: How much time will you spend on the Ultimate World Cruise?
Jennifer: I will be on from the beginning, joining the ship a few weeks before the cruise begins. I expect I will be on at least the first six months, maybe take a quick break in Europe and then be back for the end.


Q: What destination are you most excited to visit on the Ultimate World Cruise?
Jennifer: I mean, is there any doubt? ANTARCTICA! How many people in this world can say they’ve seen Antarctica? Soon I will be one!


Jennifer has traveled all over the world, from Caribbean beaches to Egyptian pyramids.

Credit: Jennifer Stork

Q: What’s the most common question you get when people find out you work on cruise ships?
Jennifer: “How did you get a job like that?” Then, I launch into my story about how I thought cruise ship jobs were a scam. I had a supervisor at a hotel I worked at previously who worked on ships and assured me it was a real job. They even gave me the contact details of our hiring partner!


Q: Can you share the most memorable moment from your career so far?
Jennifer: Oh, there have been so many, but if we keep it to career, I would have to say being asked to put myself forward for promotion to Financial Controller.


Q: What’s the one thing you could eat again and again on board?
Jennifer: The beef bourguignon is fabulous and will always end up on my plate. And maybe a chocolate chip cookie or two…or three, let’s be honest.

Pro tip: Use the mobile app (for iOS or Android) to personalize your cruise, especially when traveling with a group. For example, you can look at restaurant menus and make reservations ahead of time.


Q: What’s your favorite activity on board?
Jennifer: I really enjoy pickleball when I get a chance to play. Barring this, you can definitely find me walking the very popular Royal Promenade.


Jennifer on the the Great Ocean Road in Australia.

Credit: Jennifer Stork

Q: What’s your “secret spot” where you go to unwind?
Jennifer: I mean, then it wouldn’t be secret anymore, right? I’m an avid reader though and can happily park myself by a window and read away.


Q: What item do you always make sure you pack for a cruise?
Jennifer: I don’t go anywhere without my e-reader. I forgot it on a plane once, but luckily, I was joining a ship in Canada and was able to run to a store to get a new one beforehand!


Q: Why is Royal Caribbean a great way to vacation?
Jennifer: Beyond having something for everyone of all ages, I’ve always said cruising is a great way to get a taste of various destinations to see where you want to spend a longer period of time.


The epic, 274-night voyage will have adventures across all seven continents, from Asia to South America.

Credit: Jennifer Stork

Q: Let’s wrap up with a round of Royal Caribbean “this or that” questions. Chill or thrill?
Jennifer: Chill.


Q: Chocolate chip or ranger cookie?
Jennifer: Definitely chocolate chip.


Q: Perfect Day at CocoCay in The Bahamas or Labadee in Haiti?
Jennifer: Perfect Day at CocoCay.


Q: Pool deck or Solarium?
Jennifer: Solarium.


Q: Mini golf or rock climbing?
Jennifer: Mini golf. I have bad knees.


Q: Inside or balcony room?
Jennifer: Balcony.


The crew members are who bring every cruise to life, and you can meet them yourself on the vacation of your choice. Whether it’s on segments on the Ultimate World Cruise or all 274 nights, or on brand-new ships like Icon and Utopia of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean cruise—and the crew—make it so that you have many ways to create memories with your friends and family around the world.

Ready to explore the world like the Cash Queen? Find your perfect Royal Caribbean cruise here.